Person & Family Engagement

Without person and family engagement, Indiana hospitals cannot reach their full potential. 

Person and family engagement (PFE) plays an essential role in delivering high quality health care. IHA’s Indiana Patient Safety Center (IPSC) recognizes that without a concerted effort to discover what is important to patients and families—and how to actively engage them in the caregiving process—hospitals are missing a substantial piece of the health care puzzle. 

In 2014, IHA implemented a PFE Collaborative, through which participating hospitals vowed to: 

  • Work on adopting as many of the PFE strategies as possible 
  • Participate in the webinars and events 
  • Share their engagement experiences 

The collaborative was based on Engaging Health Care Users: A Framework for Healthy Individuals and Communities, the AHA's Committee on Research report. 

In 2015, IPSC continued to build on these PFE efforts by working with hospital leaders on a variety of tools and best practices, including incorporating patients and families into:

  • Bedside rounds 
  • Discharge planning activities 
  • Patient education 

For more information on IHA’s PFE efforts, contact Karin Kennedy or call 317-423-7737. 

Past Webinars: