Patient Safety Coalitions

​​ Indiana’s 11 regional patient safety coalitions don’t compete on patient safety. In fact, they work together to ensure that patients are as safe as possible, regardless of where they receive care.

IHA’s Indiana Patient Safety Center promotes sustainable hospital collaboration through a network of 11 regional patient safety coalitions across the state: 

Central Southwest Indiana Patient Safety Coalition Patient Safety Coalition Map-2023 update.png
Community Patient Safety Coalition of Southwestern Indiana–Kentucky
Eastern Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety
North Central Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
Northeastern Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
Northwestern Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
South Central Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
Southeastern Indiana Patient Safety Coalition
Suburban Health Organization
West Central Indiana Patient Safety Coalition

How the 11 patient safety coalitions work together

These coalitions operate under the key principle that we do not compete on patient safety, and confidentiality is paramount to the coalition’s function. Meetings provide a safe forum for Indiana hospitals to share challenges and successes, while also serving as a catalyst for inclusion of non-hospital stakeholders as partners in achieving excellence in care and outcomes across the health care continuum. This structure provides individual coalitions with the autonomy to address regional priorities such as:

  • Reducing infant mortality through safe sleep practices
  • Health care worker immunization
  • Opioid dependence and mental health support services

In addition, utilizing the coalition network design permits the dissemination of statewide priorities alongside available support and resources. Statewide projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing sepsis mortality
  • Antibiotic stewardship
  • Reducing preventable readmissions
  • Reduction of hospital-acquired conditions
To learn more about the work of Indiana's 11 regional patient safety coalitions, email Karin Kennedy or call 317-423-7737. 


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