Health Care Disparities & Equity

Generic-Callout.pngEveryone deserves to receive the best possible health care. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that many populations experience health care disparities. It’s IHA’s goal to change that. In 2015, the IHA Board adopted a resolution encouraging all Indiana hospitals to participate in the American Hospital Association’s #123forEquity Pledge, and has signed the pledge as an official demonstration of support. The pledge outlines action items for hospitals, including a data analysis component, intended to eliminate health care disparities and help all patients achieve their highest potential for health. 

Several Indiana hospitals have already made the commitment. 

To learn more about this initiative, review additional support materials and see the list of Indiana organizations that have pledged, visit

I’ve taken the pledge. What’s next? 

Consider sharing the successes and challenges experienced during implementation with IHA. We want to highlight hospital progress via social media, communicate best practices to other participating facilities and provide individualized follow-up as necessary. 

Email Annette Han​dy  for questions.