Internal Use: CEO Talking Points

​​Use these CEO talking points for your internal hospital communications and while speaking on the importance of the Safe & Sound campaign. Feel free to copy/paste as needed.

Dear Hospital Leaders,​

Language matters in compassionate leadership and when addressing workplace safety. What you say publicly and behind closed doors to coworkers, staff, friends, and family can be the seed for stigma, resulting in distrust and avoidance of help-seeking. Or it can be the seed to a culture of safety and result in an increase of trust and reporting incidences of workplace violence.

Please consider using some of these talking points when discussing the Safe and Sound campaign and/or workplace safety efforts within our organization.​

  • Violence is not part of the job.
  • Administration supports you in reporting and/or pressing charges when you encounter violence on the job.
  • Thank you for trusting this organization with your experience and reporting this incident.
  • After experiencing a traumatic incident, it can be hard to share your reactions with others. We want to know how you are doing and how to help. (EAP services link here)
  • Leadership is committing to prominently displaying signage communicating to all visitors that violence is not accepted in our organization and that safe caregivers means better care.
  • If you see an unsafe situation, say something, so we can support you and our team of caregivers.