Our Products

The health care data your hospital needs.

IHA is the trusted source in providing secure, timely and quality health care data for our member hospitals. Our priority is to provide exceptional data products designed to support and enhance your organization’s growing needs.

Our Data Products:

Performance improvement data collection, reporting and analysis.
Compare salary benchmarks and  benefits against peer hospitals  .
Measure and assess the impact of your hospital's safety interventions.
Measure the impact of staffing, marketing, utilization and purchasing.
A customizable reporting tool to get the most from your data.
Understand the economic  impact of Hospitals in Indiana .
Access  annual vacancy and turnover data for our participating members.
Actionable insights based on hospital, health and population data. 
Compare hoosier health, education & economic metrics with the nation.
Inpatient/Outpatient  »
Analyze market share, plan  services and benchmark performance.
Financial & reimbursement trends at the local, state & national level.
Compare hospital charges and quality ratings across Indiana.