​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Indiana Hospital Data Submission portal!

The Indiana Hospital Data Submission Portal, or INHDS, is now accepting data for 2021. 


Helpful INHDS Resources ​

  1. ​​ NEW on 12/13/21*Updated INHDS Submission Manual ​​​​- Outlines the extraction instructions for EMR report writers

  2. INHDS Data User's Guide  - Provides an overview of use in a step-by-step guide. 

  3. ISDH Compliance Letter​ - Serves as a prioritization justification for vendors and IT support staff outlining the Indiana statute governing the INHDS program.

  4. Watch the overview​ (webinar recording below) -  Gives an overview of the program and offers necessary details.    

 ​      5. Watch the training​ (webinar recording below) -  Offers introductory end-user training and instructions on how to use the portal.                                                      A supplemental training guide  is  also available: INHDS Overview and End User Training Guide​​

Questions? Contact:

INHDS Program Manager

Senior Vice President, Data and Member Solutions