Patient Care Webinar Series
Patient Care Webinar Series

​​​​​​IHA, in partnership with 19 other state hospital associations, is pleased to bring an energizing, virtual engagement opportunity to our members. The series, led by national speakers from Huron Consulting (formerly Studer Group), looks to the future by moving forward from the pandemic and turning the focus to patient care. 

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Natalie Painchaud.jpgSession 1 - Tuesday, May 3

Everyday Habits to Create a Culture of Innovation
Natalie Painchaud, Director of Learning, Innosight

The greatest source of untapped energy is the innovation potential that exists inside organizations around the world. Yet most organizations would admit they have struggled to create truly innovative cultures. This is why Natalie Painchaud and her co-authors wrote the book Eat, Sleep, Innovate. It lays out a system level way to encourage and enable people to think and act beyond the status quo. Success requires focusing on changing people’s daily habits – and then making sure they stick and scale. 

  • Apply the three steps to encourage and enable behavior change in an organizational context.
  • Inspect behavioral blockers - what people do instead of the desired behaviors.
  • Use behavior enablers, artifacts and nudges (BEANs) to drive habit adoption​.
Karen Cook.jpgSession 2 - Tuesday, June 14

Creating an Environment of Trust through Compassion
Karen Cook, RN, Coach and National Speaker, Huron​

​While every organization strives to deliver exceptional, trusted, safe, patient-centered quality care – do they really? A consumer’s perception of quality at an organization is impacted by moments of truth – those moments that form an impression. This session is about hardwiring the behaviors and processesthat lead to a culture of higher clinical quality and reliability, safe and efficient care delivery, and operational excellence from the patient, employee, and physician perspective. During this presentation, Karen Cook will lay the foundation for how to create an environment of trust. Every interaction can impact trust and the perception of quality, but those that show caring and concern can be a key differentiator. Starting with our own individual accountability, strategies to ensure compassion as a platform for all interactions will also be shared throughout the session. Not only is this good for patient- and family-centered care, creating an environment of trust through compassion contributes to our own resilience.

  • Define the value of compassion in healthcare.
  • Outline five moments of truth that impact a customer perception of quality.
  • Describe two strategies to build our own resilience through compassion​.
David Duncan.jpgSession 3 - Tuesday, July 12

The Patient as a Consumer: How to Create Experiences Patients Actually Value
David Duncan, PhD, Managing Director, Innosight

Consumers everywhere are becoming increasingly influential, empowered, and demanding. The maxim, “The consumer is boss,” has become only more urgent as the digital revolution, social media, expanding choices, and 24/7 connectivity have empowered consumers and heightened their expectations. Healthcare is not immune to this trend, as healthcare systems, big tech companies, and new entrants compete to provide better experiences for patients and caregivers alike. During this presentation, David Duncan will share techniques from his new book, The Secret Lives of Customers, that people working in healthcare can use to take a consumer lens on the people they serve. This includes techniques for gaining new insight into their most important challenges and aspirations related to their healthcare experience and how to make it even better.​

  • Understand relevance of consumer insights for healthcare.
  • Learn techniques you can use to better understand your "customers".
  • Identify ways you could apply these in your daily work.​​
KristieTobias.jpgSession 4 - Tuesday, August 16

Leading a Change-Ready, Inclusive Environment
Kristie Tobias, Director, National Speaker and Author, Huron

Transforming your culture to support a more inclusive environment for your team members, patients, and communities requires an intentional strategy and commitment to integrate equity and inclusion into all aspects of your organization and your leadership approach. During this session, Kristie Tobias will guide you on how to lead a change-ready, inclusive environment, by focusing on the following:

  • Understand the impact of building trust and inclusion in your environment.
  • Create awareness of factors that can reduce trust such as biases we may hold that impact our actions.
  • Define and own the role leaders play in fostering an environment of values-driven, psychological safety.​


Hospital; Member; Patient Safety; Administration; Leadership; Operations; Workforce


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