Patient Safety Innovation

The Patient Safety Innovation Award recognizes an individual, group, or program that has developed innovative ways to improve, encourage, or enhance patient safety within their hospital, health system, regional patient safety coalition, or professional organization. This could mean developing a new program, process, or campaign or leveraging an existing process or tool in a new way. Winners demonstrate creativity and forward thinking. 

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  • 2016  -  Franciscan Health Michigan City Sepsis Team
    The Franciscan Health Michigan City Sepsis Team championed efforts to develop a nurse driven standardized process for early identification, communication, and treatment of sepsis patients. Through their efforts, Franciscan St. Michigan City has become one of the only facilities pioneering Code Sepsis, an alert system that notes when a patient’s condition has changed or needs attention, and has made significant improvements with targeting and treating sepsis.
  • 2017 - Franciscan Health Michigan City Mobility Team
    Through collective efforts from an interdisciplinary team, Franciscan Health Michigan City has transformed the culture of mobility by developing a nurse-driven mobility rating scale and training all providers to utilize standard terms when describing mobility. Establishing a common language and incorporating mobility reporting into daily rounds were critical success factors for improving competency and communication of mobility levels. Additionally, the team produced a video titled “Move Me” that models the use of their mobility scale. Since this program was introduced, it has been implemented in other Franciscan Health facilities. These innovative approaches have improved quality of care and enabled the hospital to achieve excellent patient outcomes, including reduced length of stay, improved patient and worker satisfaction, reduced readmission rates, and achieved cost savings associated with improvements.
  • 2018 - Franciscan Health Hammond Hospital Comprehensive Transitions of Care (TOC) Pharmacy Program
    The Comprehensive Transitions of Care (TOC) Pharmacy Program at Franciscan Health Hammond Hospital received the 2018 Patient Safety Innovation Award for their outstanding work improving continuity of care medication safety by targeting high-risk patients to receive a TOC pharmacist evaluation of patient’s medication therapy. Through this unique approach to patient care, the team at Franciscan Health Hammond Hospital removed patient care silos by bridging the gaps in care in all aspects of a patient’s healthcare experience. The Comprehensive Transitions of Care (TOC) Pharmacy Program was created to bridge gaps in transition of care from the hospital to home and, ultimately, decrease hospital readmissions of high-risk patients.