Do's & Dont's
​​​Anyone can contribute to the Friends of Indiana Hospitals PAC. Contributions from salaried employees who have managerial, supervisory, or policy-making duties and trustees of the institution can be transferred to AHA PAC. All other contributions are used solely at the state level to support Indiana candidates who advocate for sound health policy.

Things to Do

  • Include the following in all your contribution materials: 
    "Your contribution is important to us, but we want to emphasize that all contributions are voluntary and have no impact on your job status, performance review, compensation, or employment. Any amount given, or the decision not to give, will not advantage or disadvantage you. Contributions or gifts to the Friends of Indiana Hospitals and/or the AHA PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes."
  • Verify that all contributions are made by individuals and that those individuals provide their contact information.
  • Encourage individuals to make contributions by check or credit card. Cash contributions may not exceed $100.
  • Organize your own after-hours fundraising event.
  • Compile a list of names and addresses of eligible employees, board members, and other interested individuals in the medical staff or community outside of normal working hours.
  • Volunteer your time and send recruitment letters to the compiled list outside of normal working hours.
  • Use advocacy success stories and talking points to help facilitate conversation.

Things to Avoid

  • Don't print recruitment letters or other PAC items on hospital stationery or use hospital supplies and facilities to produce PAC materials.
  • Don't make PAC an official staff or agenda item.
  • Don't suggest that PAC contributions are tied to performance appraisals or responsibilities.
  • Don't compile lists or send recruitment letters during normal working hours.
  • Don't accept cash contributions exceeding $100. ​