Hospitals Focus on Health Care Affordability
pigbank615.pngHealthcare affordability has been a hot topic among lawmakers, stakeholders, and the public across the nation. As new transparency policies take effect, IHA is proud to rank the fourth highest in the nation for making hospital prices transparent to consumers according to a national study. 

Brian Tabor, president of the Indiana Hospital Association, recently released a statement to the media and state leaders regarding hospital efforts to address health care costs in the Hoosier state.

“Indiana hospitals remain committed to addressing health care affordability for Hoosiers,” said Tabor. “Hospitals have demonstrated this commitment even during the pandemic, with health systems working with insurers and collaborating directly with employers to lower costs for patients and businesses. Indiana’s hospitals have also been recognized for leading the country in transparency. These initiatives are already proving to be effective.”IHA-Indiana-Health-Care-Premiums72.png

According to the latest data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance premiums in Indiana for family coverage declined from 2019 and were below the national average in 2020. Indiana premiums were also in the middle of the pack of neighboring states, lower than Illinois and Kentucky and only slightly higher than Michigan and Ohio. 

“Indiana hospitals are leaders in lowering costs while improving the state’s health,” said Tabor. “However, until all stakeholders are at the table, these efforts will always fall short. We must stop oversimplifying the causes and engage in honest, inclusive discussions without the threat of legislative rate-setting or appealing to outdated studies.”​​