Northern Indiana Program Teaches Children About the Importance of Health and Safety
​If you travel to Fort Wayne, Indiana, you will find a tiny village tucked away on three and a half acres on the city's southeast side. However, this isn't a regular miniature city, it is a unique complex that combines health, police, and fire safety education in one location. The Safety Village consists of 30 miniature buildings and is the largest one of its kind in the country. The village was built in 1991 and teaches school children in and around Fort Wayne about various safety topics in fun, easy to understand ways.

 Lutheran Health Network has partnered with the Safety Village since they first opened their “mini doors" and is committed to educating members of the community on the importance of staying safe and healthy.

“Lutheran Health Network and Lutheran Children's Hospital are very proud of our long association with FortWood_Clyde_LH-CEO_200.png Wayne's Safety Village program," said Clyde Wood, CEO of Lutheran Hospital. "We commend the Fort Wayne Police and Fire Departments for their commitment to providing important safety curriculum geared toward young children in a unique and memorable setting." 

The interactive village aims to educate students, parents, and the community about self-protection, pedestrian rules, stranger awareness, and the importance of recognizing dangerous situations. The best part—all can be practiced in a simulated real-life environment.  

Officer Jessica Ingram oversees the Safety Village operations and has been with the organization since 2002. She says generations of family members from Northeast Indiana have fond memories of coming out to the Safety Village for field trips, and love to return with their children and grandchildren to learn how to live a safe and healthy life. 

1739F-photo_200.png“If we can save one child's life from the programs we teach at Safety Village, then we have done our job," Ingram said. “We have helped thousands of kids with pedestrian, gun, stranger, and fire safety. The world is a dangerous place, and the sooner our children can learn safety the better." 

Along with teaching children the importance of health and safety, The Safety Village also partners with the Fort Wayne Fire Department. The department's Survive Alive House is a full-size, two-story residential structure equipped with special effects to simulate a real house fire.

Capt. Carlos Gomez with the Fort Wayne Fire Department stresses the importance of fire safety education to everyone inCarlos-Gomez-Espino_200.png the community. Capt. Gomez said fire safety is another important piece of knowledge every child should know.

“Children are able to get a “hands-on" experience of what a real fire in a burning house would be like," Gomez said. “Loud alarms, escaping by crawling under smoke, hopping out of a window by using a fire escape ladder, and a variety of other techniques are practiced with the intent to save lives."

​The Safety Village is visited by approximately 5,000 students in a field trip setting every year.

To request a visit or for more information on the Safety Village, click here. ​