New Data Collection Portal Builds Data Transparency​​

​​​​​​data-header.png​​​​A new collection portal is making it easier for IHA member hospitals to interpret data. The Indiana Hospital Data Submission (INHDS) portal is built on a national data standard to create consistency in the way member hospitals are required to submit data to the Indiana Department of Health and is a vast improvement over the legacy format used by IHA.

The portal works by creating a duplicate of a patient's billing claim. Through this process, there are more robust data elements available to drive enhanced reporting. In Indiana, INHDS data is used to populate reporting that members use to provide a better quality of patient care.


All acute care hospitals are required to participate in INHDS. To prepare members for this new program, over 10 webinars were hosted and over 400 people were trained. Members learned about new enhancements in INDHS, including improved data validity reporting. Before INHDS was created, members were not given any visibility into the quality of their data submissions. Now, each member will be able to view the entire submission and correct any errors. ​

Matt Browning, IHA Senior Vice President
Matt Browning, IHA's Senior Vice President of Member Solutions & Engagement, says the new program will advance transparency across the board.

“Our data is being used for a variety of reasons. Transparency in pricing, service expansion, and improving patient quality are just a few examples of the way our data is consumed. Improved data integrity directly improves patient outcomes," Browning said.

Browning explained the importance of continuously improving the programs and tools available to IHA members.

“Data should be seen as a tool, but it is a tool that enables good decision making. We have a responsibility to make sure the data we collect and produce is as accurate as possible. Patient safety will always be at the forefront, and I am excited that this new portal will continue to promote improved patient outcomes in Indiana."​​