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Dexur provides a unified health care quality, safety, education, and compliance platform. ​The unified, cost-effective approach consolidates four disparate hospital technology platforms into one, achieving cost reductions of 50-80%. Dexur's AI-enabled Quality solutions deliver predictive forecasts for CMS Star Ratings, HRRP, Leapfrog, and VBP, along with goal-setting simulations and automated insights through the AI Quality Advisor. Its Safety and incident Management solutions employ AI for root cause analyses and corrective action plans, linking incidents to quality program measures. In Education, Dexur provides tailored continuing education courses aligned with quality programs, while the Compliance suite manages all regulatory requirements. The company's holistic approach embeds quality across all organizational activities, streamlining operations and driving performance.

Services Provided:
Enhancing performance in quality programs such as CMS Star Rating, Leapfrog, and VBP is a collective responsibility that extends beyond the quality department to encompass the entire organization. To achieve this, integrating quality into foundational activities like learning, training, compliance, and incident management is essential. This approach embeds quality into daily operations. Hospitals can achieve this while realizing cost savings; existing software solutions for quality, learning, compliance, and incident management are paid for separately and are not integrated. Dexur provides a unified, cost-effective solution that consolidates all these elements while reducing costs by 50-80%. 

Here's a brief overview of our unified solution:
  • Dexur's Quality solutions provide forecasts and guidance for CMS Star Ratings, HRRP, Leapfrog, VBP, MSPB, and other measures up to three years ahead. Our AI simulations assist in setting goals for reaching a CMS 5 Star Rating, Leapfrog A Grades, avoiding HRRP penalties, and maximizing VBP payouts. The AI Quality Advisor offers automated insights into quality measures, including early warning alerts, risk factors, and monthly scorecards. We also supply best practices research for establishing interventions and tracking outcomes on our platform.
  • Dexur's Safety, Event & Incident solutions feature incidents linked to program measures (e.g. MRSA Event on July 5 2023 impacts 2025 Star Ratings), AI-driven root cause analyses, as well as suggested corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans aligned with our organization’s broader quality, safety, and risk objectives.
  • Dexur's Education solutions offer continuing education courses tied to quality programs (e.g., courses for Physicians on CMS Star Ratings), compliance-related tests, and other certifications.
  • Dexur's Compliance solutions cover policy management, assessments, accreditation, and regulatory management.

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Dexur's 2024 CMS Star Rating Annual Predictions​

Dexur makes its annual predictions on CMS Star Ratings before CMS Star Ratings are published in July of every year. In 2023, Dexur had a 98% accuracy rate in its annual prediction rate. Dexur is organizing webinars on their 2024 Annual CMS Star Rating predictions at the following times:

Please register in advance to learn more about Dexur's 2024 predictions.


Dexur to Acquire COP from IHA, Enhancing AI-Driven Quality and Risk Management

Dexur, a leading provider of AI-driven unified quality and safety, risk, and incident management software, will acquire the Comparative Outcome Profile (COP) software from the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA). This strategic move aims to bolster Dexur's capabilities in offering comprehensive, AI-powered solutions to healthcare organizations.

The integration of COP into Dexur's unified software platform represents a significant advancement in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and health care providers will now have access to a modern, AI-driven platform that not only facilitates chart abstracted measures for submission to CMS, The Joint Commission (TJC), and other regulatory bodies but also enhances overall quality programs. This includes improvements in critical areas like CMS Star Rating and Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) which have chart abstracted measures such as SEP1.

Matt Browning, Senior Vice President of IHA, commented on the acquisition: "Dexur stands out as the best AI-driven solution to scale quality and risk management for hospitals. In the health care sector, there's a repetitive cycle of managing quality events, risk/incident management, and evaluating performance in programs like CMS Star Ratings. Dexur's innovative platform is uniquely positioned to unify these activities, offering a modern and efficient approach to managing these critical healthcare functions."

Nik Rao, CEO of Dexur, spoke about the acquisition aligning with the company's vision: "The acquisition of COP is a natural extension of Dexur's mission to be the foremost AI-driven unified Quality and Risk Management platform. The inclusion of COP's chart abstraction capabilities is a crucial element in empowering health care organizations to scale their quality and risk management efforts while also achieving cost reductions. This move represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge, comprehensive solutions in the healthcare sector."

This acquisition marks a new era in health care management, promising enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in quality and risk management through advanced AI-driven technology. Current COP members are encouraged to reach out to Nik Rao at​ for more information, contracting terms.  


Free Access to AI Quality Insights
Find out what's influencing your quality scores with the free version of Dexur's AI Quality Advisor. The tool will automatically generate personalized, hospital-specific insights relative to CMS Star Rating, HRRP, VBP, and other programs. 

This free version represents a sampling of Dexur's comprehensive paid offerings, and it will produce a limited high value set of insights based on available Medicare claims data without relying on members to provide any additional data. IHA members can email Dexur​ to get set up to access the AI quality insights for your hospital. 


Hospitals are often surprised by the outcomes of CMS programs such as CMS Star Ratings, HRRP, and VBP. With dozens of measures and frequently changing algorithms, the Star Ratings, Hospital Readmissions Reduction, and Value-Based Purchasing programs follow a complex logic that can make it hard for hospitals to find a path to improvement. 

Dexur recently published a white paper on "Seven Ways Hospitals Can Avoid Surprises & Improve on CMS Star Ratings, HRRP Penalties, and VBP Payouts." Please email the Dexur team at to request the paper and also join their weekly newsletter on data, content, tips, and strategies to excel at quality programs. 

Read a snippet of the white paper here.​


Dexur provides predictions for CMS Programs such as HRRP, CMS Star Ratings, & VBP. If want your Hospital's forecasted readmission penalties for 2024, 2025 & 2026,  please email, and the team will set up a time with you for a personalized presentation and share their forecasted penalties. 


 Health care quality forecasting, research, data, and analytics.


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Chief Executive Officer ​​​​