Become Endorsed

​​​​​​We find the best business partners for our members. 

The Endorsed Business Partner Program connects IHA members with the best, most innovative companies in the marketplace. Our strategic Endorsed Bus​iness partnerships help us assist members in maximizing their operational efficiencies. 

Companies with the IHA-endorsed logo have been fully vetted by IHA staff and selected by a committee of executives from Indiana hospitals and IHA board members. These business partners are expected to meet high quality standards and offer products or services that help health care facilities: 

  • Avoid costs 
  • Recover revenue 
  • Reduce operating and capital expenses 
  • Improve management and quality 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Develop staff resources 
  • Apply new strategies 

​​​Interested in becoming a IHA Endorsed Business Partner?  Contact Adam Scott.


  • Identify need: IHA consults with health care executives, IHA leaders and advisory groups, staff and others. 
  • Conduct market scan for potential candidates: IHA develops criteria, seeks referrals from hospitals, advisory groups, industry contacts and others, and routes RFP to potential candidates. 
  • Evaluate lead candidates: IHA conducts on-site visits and evaluates business proposals, financials, marketing plans and customer referrals. IHA staff recommends finalists to the EBP Selection Committee for approval. 
  • ​Award endorsement: Once a company passes our high standards for quality, service and integrity, the IHA Board is informed of the Selection Committee’s decision, agreements are finalized and the endorsement is initiated. ​