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AblePay is the next generation patient financial engagement, a tool that dramatically increases patient revenue, collection efficiency, and the overall patient experience. ​

Through AblePay, IHA members receive the following:

  • Prompt payment in 14 days, with absolutely no recourse.
  • Patients save up to 13% or extend over time with savings or 0% interest.
  • No patient denied along with no credit checks or propensity to pay scores.
  • Easy implementation and integration; lower costs and better staff utilization.
  • No changes to current internal processes and keep current vendors.          
  • AblePay assumes all the financial risk for their members.​

Learn More:  AblePay Keep It Simple

Upcoming Webinar

AblePay is hosting two demo webinars Feb. 1-2 for IHA members.  

Feb. 1:   1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET | Register Here 
Feb. 2:   10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. ET | Register Here

Webinar title: Patients as Payors – Addressing the Patient Affordability Gap
We understand from providers across the country that collecting on patient responsibility is a significant challenge and pain point. We are very proud that we are now assisting providers and patients in 22 states, and we are endorsed by 17 state Hospital Associations as a tool to address this problem.  

During this demonstration webinar, you will learn how the AblePay solution will increase your revenue while providing an overall better patient experience.  We will also share through provider case studies how our program positively changes patient payment behavior.

Changing Business Demands: Ephraim McDowell Health Case Study

With revenues declining and the cost of collecting patient out-of-pocket responsibility steadily rising, Ephraim McDowell Health was in search of a way to improve their patient post insurance collections.

Ephraim McDowell selected AblePay's unique process to increase revenue, decrease the cost of collections while also enhancing the experience for their patients. By assuming all payment risks, AblePay not only eliminated the unpredictability of patient payments, but all the associated costs. This positively impacted the health system while patients benefited from the savings, flexible payment options, a convenient payment portal, and billing advocacy provided by AblePay.

Recorded Webinar:  Region 8 HFMA October 2023 Webinar Webinar - YouTube  

Lehigh Valley Health Network and providers across the country are changing the way they think about post-insurance patient collections. Affordability is now the leading cause of declining out-of-pocket collections. The shift in financial burden to the patient has changed payment behavior and has resulted in a third of people avoiding care all together. Consequently, provider revenue and patient health are negatively affected. In this webinar, you'll learn how to increase out-of-pocket collections 40-60 percent while generating one of the highest patient satisfaction scores in the country. 

Session highlights:
  • Explore the root causes of patient payment affordability, and how changing patient payment behavior can improve the financial strength of providers. 
  • Learn how to enhance the patient's financial experience while reversing their tendency to avoid care due to financial worries. 
  • Strengthen your brand and become a destination of choice for members of your community.

Predatory Medical Debt & Collections Solution 

Last month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) launched an inquiry into "costly credit cards and loans pushed on patients for healthcare costs." As a solution to combat the challenge of rising healthcare costs for both our healthcare providers and their patients, IHA encourages our members to consider AblePay. This innovative partner aims to provide relief from the overwhelming financial pressure of interest-bearing programs for patients while helping hospitals improve collection efficiency and the overall patient experience.




Patient financial engagement and improved patient experience.


Ryan Werling​
SVP, Sales and Marketing