Comparative Outcome Profile

COP-Login-Button.jpgPut your quality in perspective.

IHA's Comparative Outcome Profile (COP) is a key component to managing performance improvement data collection, reporting and analysis. This HIPAA-compliant tool is highly secure, utilizing SSL and an encrypted database. 

 An ORYX® Vendor
COP is included on the Joint Commission's list of acceptable vendors. You can feel confident COP will help you meet the reporting requirements for Joint Commission accreditation as well as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) payment updates. If you are an acute care hospital seeking licensure or renewal from the State Department of Health, COP can also generate the reports required during the review process.

Track More than 50 Different Quality Measures

IHA has continued to refine and improve COP for more than 20 years. Today, COP brings together more than 50 indicators that hospitals can choose to track. Those include all of the national hospital quality measures, plus additional outcome measures developed with the advice of quality improvement and infection control professionals from Indiana hospitals.

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Hospital Quality Improvement

COP is a valuable tool in assisting hospitals with the continuous quality improvement endeavors. Reports generated by COP display a hospital's performance rates, benchmarking data and trending. These reports will:

  • Provide focus to quality assessment or assurance activities
  • Open communications with the medical staff and assist in practice pattern analysis
  • Give governing boards benchmarks on patient care outcomes
  • Pave the way for dialogue with payers and patients requesting information on the quality of care

Analysis and Comparison

COP benefits hospitals by answering the question, "How do we compare?". Indicator reports display individual measurement rates along with aggregate comparison data. Comparisons are made to similar hospitals based on geographic location, bed size, case mix and peer group. National comparisons are included for national quality measures. Dashboard reports and physician-specific reports are also available. 

Meet Accreditation, Payment Update Requirements

This affordable database program enables hospitals to quickly and accurately meet reporting requirements for Joint Commission accreditation and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) payment updates.

IHA is committed to assisting hospitals in meeting current and future Joint Commission and CMS requirements. IHA also transmits data to other organizations as requested by hospitals.

Data Collection Made Easy

Data is collected through an easy-to-use online entry program that supports both manual data entry or electronic importation of data files. Participants receive initial training and ongoing education through conferences, webinars, newsletters and email alerts. COP users enjoy quick, easy access to knowledgeable staff.

To find out about costs or schedule a COP demonstration email Elaine Pittman or call (317) 423-7735.

IHA has developed a wide  array of reports. Choose from a range of parameters; create customized peer groups. All reporting is done online, so you can run reports whenever you need —  and feel confident that you have the most current data.

Indicator Reports:  
Chart hospital trends and track performance against various peer groups based on location, hospital size, hospital type and case mix on individual indicators.

Clinical Indicator Dashboard: 
 Quickly compare your hospital's performance rate against its goals for quality measures.

Appropriate Care Measure Report:   Get drill-down detail to identify records failing specific quality measures.

Monthly Measure Rate Summary:   Review the numerator, denominator and rate for each measure.

Physician Indicator Reports:  
Get physician-specific reports that can be generated either by physician or by indicator. These reports include drill-down detail to identify records failing the measure(s). Graphs are also available that compare a physician's quality indicator rate to the hospital's rate.

Ad Hoc Reports: 
Design custom reports that pull a list of cases that meet the specific criteria you select.